Wharfedale Pro DP-4035i Installation Amplifier Stocked at Eventec

The new DP-4035i brings all the DNA of the DP series into a configuration which is perfect for fixed install.  A versatile amplifier solution delivering 4 channels of power to either high or low impedance systems. 

The hardware is designed with installation in mind. A tamper-proof front grille protects the channel volume controls while rear panel connections, including GPIO, use Euroblocks for easy installation. The power switch is also safely placed on the rear panel.

As with the other models in the DP series, the input sensitivity is selectable between 1V and 0.775 V to cater for almost any input source. 

It is also able to deliver up to 4 x 765 W into 2/4 Ohms, 4 x 450W into 8 ohms or 4 x 765 W to a 100 V Hi-Z system.

DP-4035i also has a wide range AC input, allowing it to be used reliably in environments where the AC supply may fluctuate.



4 Channels

- 2 Ohm 4 x 765 W - 16 Ohm Bridged 2 x 900 W
- 4 Ohm 4 x 765 W - 8 Ohm Bridged 2 x 1530 W
- 8 Ohm 4 x 450 W - 4 Ohm Bridged 2 x 1530 W
- 100 V Hi-Z 4 x 765 W - 70 V Hi-Z 4 x 450 W




The rear panel connectors allow for Remote Level adjustment.  A 10 kΩ potentiometer (not supplied) connected to the LEVEL Connectors gives remote volume control.  

All the connectors needed for quick and easy installation are included with the DP-4035i.


Removable Grille

The front grille is secured with magnets and is removable.  This reduces the risk of tamper plus makes cleaning simple.


Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction (PFC), combined with the Switching mode power supplies inside DP series amps, increases the amplifier efficiency and regulates to ensure smooth power delivery even with huge fluctuations in the AC supply.

In the real world, it makes a big difference to amplifier performance and stability.


Mode Switching

Rear panel DIP switches give access to the DP-4035i system configuration.

Switch the sensitivity between 0.775 V and 1.0 V or select the Lo-Z / Hi-Z operation mode.


Now in Stock at Eventec

The Wharfedale Pro DP-4035i Installation Amplifier is now in stock at Eventec, selling at just $1,189.00 RRP.

Contact sales@eventec.com.au for more information on this product!

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