Daslight Control Solutions Stocked at Eventec

At Eventec, we stock the range of Daslight lighting control systems from Nicolaudie Group.

Started in 1987, Nicolaudie was one of the first computer based lighting controllers on the market.

Since then, the range has grown with easy to operate software and a variety of hardware solutions.

What makes this a perfect option for clients wanting to use it for themselves or installations is the ability to operate it on both PC and MAC Systems.

The hardware options include;

DVCFUN with 128 channels included (upgradeable to 512)

DVC GOLD with 1024 channels standard (upgradeable to 2048), port triggering with direct access keys, App/Api Triggering and stand alone functionality

DVC GZM with 1536 channels standard (upgradeable to 2048), 1 Art-net universe included, App/Apri triggering, stand alone functionality and scheduling

For those wanting to learn about Daslight, there are a number of learning tools online and the software is free to download but requires one of the above interfaces to convert the control data from the software to DMX.

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