EVENTEC is an Australian wholesale distributor established in 2013 and proudly exclusive distributors of Event Lighting, Event Lighting Lite, Antari Fog Machines, Event Pixels and Event Audio. EVENTEC also distributes High End Systems, Wharfedale Pro, Light Emotion, Industry Gear, PR Lighting DGX and Spark Fabrica to the industry.

EVENTEC is built on the foundations of honesty and integrity, with service and support at the heart of everything we do. Proudly Australian owned and operated, EVENTEC combines a vast degree of hands-on industry and sales experience to our clients.

Event Lighting
Event Pixels
High End Systems
Wharfedale Pro

Nicolaudie Group

Nicolaudie Group
Air Guard
PR Lighting
PR Lighting
Spark Fabrica

Beware of scams

Eventec does not sell any products directly from any of its own websites including www.eventec.com.auwww.event-lighting.com.au and www.eventpixels.com.au. Any website that appears to be from Eventec or Event Lighting with a cart and the ability to buy products is likely to be a scam or phishing site. These sorts of sites generally have no phone number or other contact details and no physical address of the business and social media links that either do not exist or show little or no content.

For reputable Eventec resellers to buy Eventec products from, please refer to our where to buy list.