Complete Wharfedale Pro DELTA-AX Series in stock at Eventec

We recently received a shipment of Wharfedale Pro Audio including the brand new powered DELTA-AXF12/15 powered boxes. 

Through both electronic and software optimisation, the new DELTA-AXF12 and AXF15 models now feature internal FIR filters using ‘DNA’ harvested from the flagship WLA active line array and monitors system development.  This FIR filtering has brought independent control of magnitude and phase, more detailed equalisation and optimisation of frequency and power response. This has resulted in highly improved system performance. The amplifiers have also been optimised, resulting in 800W Continuous power.

The new DELTA-AXF models have the same solid Baltic birch plywood construction and the same custom made Wharfedale Pro drivers as their predecessors, but with the new FIR filters the sonic improvements are clear. The updated ‘AXF’ electronics are fully interchangeable with existing DELTA active models and can be quickly retro-fitted by Service engineers.  AXF models are also perfectly tuned to be used with the current DELTA-AX15B and DELTA-AX18B active subwoofers which are both in stock at Eventec. 

Click here for more information on the DELTA-AXF Series

Visit us at Integrate Sydney from August 30th until September 1st to see these boxes for yourself. We will also have these available to listen to in our showroom, due to open late 2023. 

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