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Wharfedale Pro

Wharfedale Pro WLA-112A - active hybrid curvature element

Wharfedale Pro WLA-112A - active hybrid curvature element

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The WLA-1 Hybrid Curvature Array system… now…..ACTIVE.

The WLA-1A active system incorporates all the incredible hardware features of its passive brother – the WLA-1 System. 

The EVO-Fold waveguides, the drivers created by Beyma in Europe and the Hybrid Curvature Array configuration are all included….but the new WLA-1A Active now brings powerful internal amplification and refined internal DSP processing to the party.

It has never been this easy to achieve stunning sonic results in a huge variety of venues.


  • Active with DSP & FIR filters
  • 12″ Coaxial Beyma driver
  • 680 W Continuous
  • 1360 W Peak
  • 4.0″ LF voice coil
  • 2.87″ HF voice coil
  • 139 dB System Peak SPL



Around the back of WLA-112A and WLA-115A are all the connections and control interfaces needed for a tidy system.

Select between 8 DSP presets with FIR filters and control the system remotely with the RS485 network facility.


The 12” and 15” elements use coaxial drivers from Beyma – which are manufactured in Europe.  

This coaxial design gives consistent coverage on both Horizontal and Vertical planes – while competitive traditional two-way line arrays do not have consistent coverage in one axis at least by design.  

WLA-112A and WLA-115A coaxial design gives consistent coverage and is unique. (Well, except for our own Wharfedale Pro WLA-1 passive models)

WLA-1A System gives constant coverage on both Horizontal and Vertical planes

Competitive traditional constant curvature two way systems do not have consistent coverage in one axis at least by design.  


With a traditional 2-way array….arrays of 6 elements or more are simply not practical.

With the WLA-1 Hybrid Curvature design, arrays of up to 6 elements can be configured.


EVO-Fold reduces the usual phase issues that traditional 2-way line arrays have due to them having the drive units physically some distance apart in the array. One specially-designed coaxial mid-high frequency driver is loaded to a unique EVO-Fold horn. The EVO-Fold horn combines a unique folded and manifold design. The most advanced FEM technology has been used to create this.

The high-mid energy exits produce a uniphasic sound in the widest range of frequencies. And visually, the detail of the EVO-Fold waveguide is a work of art.

21". YES - REALLY!

The 21″ subwoofer driver is manufactured by Beyma in Europe.

Extreme features… for extreme (and controllable) sub sound pressure levels.



Configure vertically and deploy as a ‘traditional’ flying array.

The optional WLA-1 Common Fly Frame ensures stability and that flying is easy.


Configure on the ground.

The optional SP-4 pole easily connects the 21″ sub to the tops.  Dual angle 35 mm pole sockets in the full range elements makes angle adjustments safe and easy.


Configure a horizontal flying array.

The optional WLA-1 Link hardware connects three elements of either WLA-112A or WLA-115A to create a 3 unit horizontal array with 60 H x 100 V dispersion 


WLA-1A Series have gll files available for EASE FOCUS 3.


When interconnecting WLA series active line array elements, quality, certified power cabling should be used.

Wharfedale Pro distributors also can supply Neutrik ™ powerCON cables as an accessory for sale.

These certified AC interconnecting cables use genuine Neutrik ™ NAC3FCA and NAC3FCB connectors for the ultimate in reliability and safety.

2 meters in length allows for system configuration flexibility while keeping excess cabling to a minimum.

A tidy solution for any Wharfedale Pro Active Line Array.


WLA-1A introduces a new Hybrid concept giving variable angles of 0, 5, 10 and 15 degrees.

Easily adjusted using the integral rigging brackets.


Configure the system how you like with the WLA-1 Common Fly Frame.

Subs at the top ?  WLA-115A’s or WLA-112A’s.  The Common Fly Frame supports all the different models in the WLA-1A series.



Model Name WLA-112A
System Typology Hybrid Curvature Array
System Type Active 12″ coaxial Bi-Amplified
Configuration two-way
Frequency Response (+/-3 dB) 55 Hz – 20 KHz
Frequency Range (- 10 dB) 35 Hz – 25 KHz
Sensitivity 2.83 V/1 m 101 dB
Calculated Maximum SPL @ 1 m 133 dB
System Peak SPL 139 dB**
** level at 1 m under free field conditions using pink noise with crest factor 4, with dedicated preset.
Waveguide Type EVO-Fold®
Nominal Coverage (H x V) 100° x 20°
Signal Processing DSP based, 8 FIR presets
Preset list A) 1 to 2 SPKR 100 Hz HPF
B) 3 to 4 SPKR 100 Hz HPF
C) 5 to 6 SPKR 100 Hz HPF
F) 3 to 4 SPKR
G) 5 to 6 SPKR
Amplifier Design Class D
Power Rating: 1360 W Peak (1200 W LF +
160 W HF), 680 W Continuous
(600 W LF + 80 W HF)
Thermal Protection Amplifier Shut Down. Auto Reset
Low Line Voltage Shut Down 60% Nominal Line Voltage
Driver Protection Independent LF/ HF RMS and Peak Limiters
DC and Short Protection Yes
Clip Limiter Yes
Limiter Indicator Red LED
Signal Indicator Green LED
Power/Active Indicator White LED
Find Function Indicator Blue LED
Input Sensitivity +4 dBu
Maximum Input Level +18 dBu
Input Impedance Balanced:10 KΩ
AC Power details – Power Supply High Efficiency Dual Switching Mode Power Supply
Input Connector Balanced socket XLR
Link Connector Balanced pin XLR
AC Power Options AC 100-120 V~ and 220-240 V~, 50/60 Hz Automatic
Special Features Copper Demodulating rings in both LF and HF units
  Waterproof LF cone
  Shared High performing Ferrite magnet system design
Rigging & Hardware: 3 points for rigging
Vertical Splay angle range: 0°- 5° – 10° – 15°
Horizontal Splay angle 15°
Accessories: WLA-1 FLY FRAME
Stand pole: Dual Angle -2.5° / +7.5°
Handles: 2 side / 2 back
Cabinet Type Trapezoid
Enclosure Material and finish 15 mm plywood / Rhino Rock
Colour Black paint
Grille Material & Finish Powder coated perforated steel
Dimensions – Unpacked:  
Height Front 332 mm / 13.1″.
Height Rear 246.4 mm / 9.7″.
Width 566 mm / 22.3″
Depth 465 mm / 18.3″
Dimensions – Packed:
Height 661 mm / 26.0″
Width Front 550 mm / 21.7″
Width Rear 550 mm / 21.7″
Depth 410 mm / 16.7″
Net Weight 30.4 kg / 66.9 lbs
Gross Weight 32.8 kg / 72.2 lbs


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