Wharfedale IS-48 Now Available

Wharfedale IS-48 Now Available

The brand new IS-48 active entertainment system from Wharfedale Pro has just landed at Eventec.

This cost effective 'stick' style system features an 8" active subwoofer with 4 x 2.5" full range drivers.

What makes this an active entertainment system is the 2 LED elements with 4 light modes, creating a vibrant visual effect with the ability to be switched off.

Power and audio is passed through the system which plugs directly into the subwoofer, making it an easy set up and quick pack away!

The subwoofer control panel features bluetooth, SD and USB inputs along with 2 x mic/line inputs, 3.5mm line in and an XLR line out.

For bluetooth, there is also the option to create a TWS link for a stereo pair! General control can also be made with the include IR Remote.
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