Product Spotlight: TBRACE1 and Event Structures

Product Spotlight: TBRACE1 and Event Structures

Event Lighting's list of Truss Products is quickly growing! From 290mm to 400mm, Box to Triangle, Silver or Black - our Truss comes in all shapes and sizes!

The Event Lighting TBRACE1 and TBRACE1BK Truss Corner Braces are essential truss elements to ensure the safety of your truss structure. The TBRACE1 is built with clamps on each end for easy installation and comes in both silver and black (TBRACE1BK).

Not only do we supply truss for structures and staging, but we also provide Structural Analysis Reports and Certification for truss structures with Event Structures!

Event Structures engineer creative and safe truss structures for live events, stages, and more and can help you to certify your design for safety and practicality.

Event Structures offers two packages for Analysis Reports and Certification:

For customers designing a one-off structure and only requiring certification for one (time), customers can purchase a "One-off" certificate to validate their structures.

For customers who are needing multiple uses of a design over multiple sites, the "1-Year Subscription" allows customers to receive as many certifications per design within a 12 month period.

For more information on Event Structures, contact or visit the webpage here.

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