Event Pixels Pixel Points Software Eventec

New scoreboard software from Event Pixels

Event Pixels Pixel Points Software Eventec

New to Event Pixels is the Pixel Points sport scoring software, suitable for use on any screen and featuring sports such as soccer, baseball and rugby league.

The software can be customised, and can be included with the purchase of any LED screen. The display is resizeable to any resolution and aspect ratio and font colours and sizes can be edited by the user.

Scoreboard title, team names and logos can be changed on-the-fly, while full-screen videos can be played when a goal is scored, or any time desired. Feature your message or advertising prominently with the option to display custom title text, image banners and full screen images. Easy control of all elements with keyboard short cuts or custom keypad.

For more information on Pixel Points, contact our sales team at sales@eventpixels.com.au

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