New Products Landed Late 2022

New Products Landed Late 2022

On the 22nd and 23rd of December, right after we put the gravy away, we were lucky enough to receive two complete shipments.

The first shipment included a wide range of new lighting fixtures which are primed and ready to go.

This includes the NITROBALL2, DERBY3 and PARBAR4QUAD for stage wash and lighting effects. We also launched our new lasers, the EL1000RGB and EL5000RGBPRO, both of which have sold more than half already!

By investing in the above lights for retail and production work, you'll also receive our 2 year warranty and on-going support.

The second shipment was a container from Wharfedale Pro which saw us expand on the models we hold in stock.

The GPL-5, GPL-12 and GPL-28B landed to complete our stocked range from this professional loudspeaker series with the GPL-8 already on-hand.

You'll also find the REASON-X218B dual 18" subwoofer available to compliment the REASON-X18B single 18" subwoofer and REASON-X12 3 way passive loudspeaker.

To assist customers with their personal monitoring, we also have the EVP-X12PM and EVP-X15PM powered monitor speakers on hand. These both feature 300W of continuous power, a 5 band EQ and an 8 ohm speaker jack output to run a passive monitor if required.

If you are ever wondering what we keep on hand, all the models on our Eventec site are models that have landed with us but we are more than happy and able to order in anything from the Wharfedale Pro range.

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