Light Rider LR512 Smart DMX Interface Now Available

Nicolaudie Group's Light Rider lets you control your DMX lights without needing to program anything. Choose from over 15,000 lighting fixtures and once added, they will bounce, chase, ride, sparkle and perform a light show.

Light Rider puts the ease of controlling a light show into the hands of a working DJ, who might not have the time to spend hours programming scenes before a show. Carefully crafted by Light Rider’s developers and DJs - Move FX are on the left, Color FX on the right, Flash FX in the middle and presets along the bottom. Ride your FX live with the speed, fade, fan, size and shift controls. Sync with the music using audio Pulse analysis and Beat Tap. Designed to be used with iOS and Andrroid, the LR512 can connect directly to your tablet.

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