ETC Releases Hog4 OS v3.17

ETC Releases Hog4 OS v3.17


ETC has released the Hog 4OS v3.17 release which contains a number of often-requested improvements and enhancements for cue lists and scenes, plots, playback, and programming. Senior Product Manager Sarah Clausen commented, “We are happy to bring this set of improvements to Hog – many of which were direct requests from end users. We appreciate the feedback, and we continue to work on bringing those enhancements to market.”

User Fields Added to Master Window for Lists / Scenes: Four new "user" fields (columns) have been added to the master window for lists and scenes. These fields are hidden by default for new shows but can be viewed by right clicking on the column header of the master window sheet.

Hold Pig to open Scenes/Lists options window from directory: The options window for a list or scene can be opened directly from the list and scene directories by holding the pig and open keys when selecting a directory cell.

Master Window title bar improvements: The information displayed in the master window title bar has been enhanced to show both the playback object type, number, and name.

Cue Only Icon: A new icon has been implemented for Cue Only Cue List. When Cue Only is enabled the icon will appear on the Playback Bar as well as in the Cuelist Directory.

Last Cue Comment Macro Displayed in List Directory (sheet view): The list directory, when toggled to sheet view, now displays the comment macro assigned to the last cue of a list. In previous software versions, only the first cue comment macro was displayed.

Page + Release: Holding the Page key while pressing the Release key will release all of the physical masters on the local console.

Parameter Knockout using Backspace + Fixture: A new keyboard shortcut has been implemented that will knockout all parameters for the selected fixtures.

Plot Window Centerline Color: The centerlines (horizontal line at 0 and vertical line at 0) of plots are now more distinguished from the rest of the plot grid lines. The center lines are now bolder and a light shade of blue. To view the grid in a plot window toggle on the “grid” button.

Show File Back Up Verification: The process of creating an archive (back-up) of up a show file now includes a verification step. Users will be given information about parts of a show file that may have become corrupted, providing an opportunity to correct these issues.

Important information for users of Hog 4 PC with Windows 10 and Hoglet 4 / Nano Hog 4

This release includes improvement of encoder lag when using Windows 10 and Hoglet 4 or Nano Hog 4. Users of Hog 4 PC are recommended to update to v3.17 as soon as production schedules allow.

Important information for users of the Wholehog III Expansion Wing (Rock Wing, X-Wing)

X-Wing Deprecation: As of v3.17, Hog 4 OS consoles and Hog 4 PC will no longer support the X-Wing product and the code for any basic functionality has been removed. Users wishing to continue using this wing with Hog 4 may use older versions of software to do so.

Download Hog4 OS v3.17 here

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