Wharfedale TITAN AX12 Active Speakers
Wharfedale TITAN AX12 Active Speakers
Wharfedale TITAN AX12 Active Speakers
Wharfedale TITAN AX12 Active Speakers

Wharfedale TITAN AX12 Active Speakers

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  • IP54 Certified
  • On stage, DJ, bands and performance
  • Bi-amplified
  • Wharfedale Pro drivers
  • Portable and powerful
  • DSP models – AX12 / AX15
  • M8 rigging points
  • Optional tour bags


  • 12″ Bi-amplified active loudspeaker
  • 1.75″ HF compression driver
  • 2.5″ LF voice coil
  • 300 w Continuous
  • 600 w Peak
  • Internal 6-position DSP


Titan loudspeakers pride themselves on custom Wharfedale Pro drivers. The IRIS-X HF compression driver used in Titan-AX12 and Titan-AX15 features a 1.75″ voice coil and is unique at this price point.

All Titan Active models are bi-amplified.  The internal amplifiers have been tuned specifically for the HF and LF drivers that we have chosen. This makes for perfect power and frequency transfer, resulting in the sonic experience that you’d expect from a Wharfedale Pro active loudspeaker.


The coil size and electrical sensitivity of a loudspeaker transducer is critical to its performance.  Titan AX loudspeakers now include our proprietary IRIS X design which delivers Increased coil Radius and Increased electrical Sensitivity.  The radius of the coil ensures smooth heat dissipation during prolonged high volume use, while the increased electrical sensitivity ensures that the transducer converts as much electrical power into sound output as the laws of physics allow.  

A hot transducer wastes energy, risks damage and distorts.  IRIS X reduces this through improved heat dissipation and improved efficiency.

In real-world terms, IRIS X transducers deliver higher SPL with less distortion.  They lead the market with specifications and are designed and built entirely within Wharfedale Pro.

Increased Radius Increased Sensitivity


ssssssh !     The two amplifiers inside all Titan Active models are extremely efficient.

So efficient that they can use convection cooling. This means that there are no fans!

Fans inside loudspeakers can add to operational noise, weight, price and can lead to reliability issues. Titan actives have no fans!         Ssssssh! – Silent and reliable operation.


IP54 certification assures that the product has 

  • Limited protection against dust ingress.
  • Protection against splash water from any direction.
The picture shows some of the extreme testing that goes into the Titan series IP54 certification.  

All of this means that you can have full confidence installing a TITAN in extreme conditions.


Protect a Titan in an optional padded tourbag.  

Wharfedale Pro Titan Tourbags add exceptional protection for Active or Passive Titans, and to keep the same ergonomics and convenience the bag has been conveniently designed with removable front covers, rear panels, side panels and speaker pole sections so you can move and install your speaker without ever having to take the tourbags off. 

The front cover removes to show a unique mesh material, which adds additional protection and leaves the sound unfettered.


All Titan loudspeakers are versatile.  For on stage, or for an installation, there are fixtures and fittings to suit.

WPB-1, WPB-2, WPB-6, WPB-T12 are suitable for TITAN AX12.


A perfect partner for a Titan active is the 15″, 700 watts continuous, T-Sub-AX15B.

Used with a Tourus, a Titan or our flagship Typhon models, T-Sub-AX15B completes the system – bringing new levels of bass to the setup.

Model Name


System Type

Active 12” 2-way Bi-Amplified

Frequency Response (+/-3 dB)

55 Hz-20 KHz

Frequency Range (-10 dB)

50 Hz-20 KHz

Calculated Maximum SPL @1 m

128 dB

LF Transducer Size (mm / inches)

305 mm / 12”

Coil Size (mm / inches)

64.26 mm / 2.5″

HF Transducer Type

Compression Driver

Coil Size (mm / inches)

44 mm / 1.75″

Exit Size (mm / inches)

25 mm / 1”

Diaphragm Material


Nominal Coverage (H x V)

Hybrid Symmetry Horn 100° x 80°


Low-Frequency Power Amplifier  

RMS/Peak Watts

250/500 W (Class D)

High-Frequency Power Amplifier RMS/Peak Watts

50/100 W (Class D)


Low (±10 dB) 100 Hz Shelving

Note – EQ changed by DSP knob


6 user presets

Hi Pass switch

90 Hz

Amplifier Protection / Thermal protection


Low Line Voltage Shut Down

60% Nominal line voltage

Driver Protection

Independent LF and HF limiters

DC Protection / Short Protection


Clip Limiter

Turns on ~250 W output

Limiter Indicator / Power Indicator

Red LED / Green LED


Input – type

Switchable balanced mic/line level (Chan 1)

Input Connector

2 * XLR & 2 * 1/4″ jack (Chan 1 Line/MIC)

Line Output Connector

Switchable LOOP/MIX Balanced Female XLR

AC Power Supply


AC Power Options

AC100-120 V/220-240 V~ 50/60 Hz


Rigging / Bracket / Mounting Options

10 M8 threaded inserts including 4 M8 threaded inserts on bottom in OmniMount 30.0-type footprint

35 mm with lock screw

35 mm receptacle with lock screw

1 carry handle on side

2 carry handles (one on each side)

Optional wall-mount bracket

Optional wall-mount bracket

LED Horn lighting (On/Off switch)


Enclosure Material and finish

Injection Moulded Polypropylene

Colour Options

Black / White

Grille Material & Finish

1.2 mm steel

Dimensions – Unpacked  – Height

582.7 mm / 22.9″

Width Front

384.6 mm / 15.1″


318.6 mm / 12.5″

Dimensions – packed  – Height

663 mm / 26.1″

Width Front

435 mm / 17.1″


408 mm / 16.1″

Net Weight (kg / lbs)

12.4 kg / 27.28 lbs

Gross Weight (kg / lbs)

15.5 kg / 34.1 lbs

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