Solapix19 front view, facing right
Solapix19 front view
Solapix19 front view, LEDs off
Solapix19 front view, facing left
Solapix19 front view, facing up
Solapix19 rear view
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With its medium-sized footprint and next generation brightness, SolaPix 19 takes the traditional concept of a pixel wash and pushes it to its maximum potential. Whether used to spread color all over a ballroom, tradeshow floor or concert stage, the bright and punchy output will envelope your production with beautiful saturated color. Additionally, when you need to add a little interest, the fixture’s narrow zoom, FleX Effects macros and pixel controlled face gives you a wide variety of looks and styles to help set the mood and steal the show.


  • Additive LED, RGBW color mixing system for extremely powerful saturated colors and tunable white control
  • Extremely efficient optical system provides market leading lumens
  • Versatile 4.5° - 60° zoom
  • Patent Pending Halographic Pixel Definition*
  • FleX Effects Engine
  • Customizable Macro control
  • Pixel Mapping on all versions
  • Patent Pending lens coating technology*
  • Modular control with Artnet, sACN in addition to simultaneous DMX control

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