Antari M1 Battery Fog Machine
Antari M1 Battery Fog Machine kit

M1 - 75W Battery Fog Machine with Flight case

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The M-1 Mobile Fog Machine is developed especially for photographers to use on location and has found a place in theatrical and cinematic applications. This Mobile fogger is perfect for situations where a touch of fog is required in remote or unexpected places. Because of its dimensions and weight (about 2 kg), this mobile fogger can be discretely placed on props, inside sets, or handheld. As implied by its name, the mobile fogger’s main characteristic is its mobility. The unit operates on a compact 12V DC rechargeable battery and is very easy to carry and operate without any warming-up time. Or else, the M-1 can also operate with a corded dummy battery. To increase the machine’s versatility, timer and wireless remotes are available as optional.



  • Power Consumption : 65 W
  • Tank Capacity : 110 c.c.
  • Battery : DC 12V / 2.3Ah
  • Consumption : 2 c.c. / min
  • Optional Accessories: DCP-12 Power Adaptor / Dummy Battery
  • Weight: 6 Kg,
  • Whole M-1 Kit Dimensions (mm): L 227 W 66 H 81
  • Liquid Used: Antari FLM05W FLM-05

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