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Colorlight CL-C3PRO Cloud Player

Colorlight CL-C3PRO Cloud Player

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C3 Pro is a new-generation cloud networking player, which supports a wide range of networking options including ColorlightCloud, WiFi, wired networks and 4G. It can be deployed rapidly to achieve intelligent cloud management, multi-screen, multi- business ad cross-regional unified management. C3 Pro is a more aggressive choice in the fields of indoor and outdoor fixed installation, centralized management, publish and monitoring. Because of this, it can be widely used in various commercial displays such as LED post screen, store screen, advertising player, mirror screen, vehicle screen, etc.


  • Maximum load capacity of 650,000 pixels, with maximum 4096 pixels in width and maximum 3840 pixels in height.
  • Multi-level organization cloud management and role-based program cloud publishing.
  • LED screen cloud monitoring and automatic notifications and actions based on the alarm configuration.
  • Powerful processing performance, supporting H.265 4K high-definition video hardware decoding and playback.
  • 8GB storage.

Multiple play modes

  • USB storage plug and play, content update.
  • Multiple-screen simultaneous playback.
  • Command and content schedule.


  • Multi-program pages playback, up to 32 program pages.
  • Abundant media materials, pictures, videos, texts, clocks, etc.
  • Multi-window playing and overlay, with freely set window size and position.
  • Play up to 2 high-definition video or one 4K video simultaneously.

Comprehensive control scheme

  • Support multiple control platforms: LED assistant, APP control for mobile phone and tablet.
Network communication
  • Dual band and dual mode WiFi, supporting WiFi 2.4G and 5G bandl, WiFi hotspot and WiFi client.
  • LAN, DHCP mode and static mode.
  • 4G (optional).
  • GPS (optional).

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