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Event Structures engineer creative and safe truss structures for live events, stages, and more.

Certified and Registered in multiple states throughout Australia, Event Structures can assist you with your design to ensure it is safe and practical.

Let them help you create a lasting impression for your next event.


Eventec Engineering Services Guideline*


We provide the following documentation for Truss Structure Systems and Custom Structure Systems: 

• Structural Analysis Report

• Structural Certificate

Truss Structure Systems

For customers designing a one-off structure and only require certification for one (time), customers can purchase a "One-off" certificate to validate their structures.

For customers who are needing multiple uses of a design over multiple sites, the 1-Year Subscription allows customers to receive as many certifications per design within a 12 month period.

Analysis Report   Certificate
One-off Subscription for 1 year
Simple Structure1
Median Structure 2
Complex Structure 3


Custom Structure Systems
Analysis Report Certificate
Such as: Event Stage; LED Screen; Trailer Stage; Public Artwork


*Eventec reserves the right to interpret and revise this guideline.
1Simple Structure: Single facet structure. Such as single upright, single hanging truss.
2 Median Structure: Simple-multi facets structure. Such as stage with roof.
3 Complex Structure: Any structure not covered in the simple and median structure.

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