Eventec showcasing at ENTECH Roadshow Australia

Eventec showcasing at ENTECH Roadshow Australia

Hot off our trade show article last week, we are excited to announce Eventec will also be showcasing on the ENTECH Roadshow in Australia this October!

This industry event visits every major population centre in Australia so AV and entertainment technology professionals like us can showcase our products across the country.

The ENTECH Roadshow will be running from the 8th through to the 22nd of October, visiting Brisbane (8th), Sydney (10th), Melbourne (15th), Adelaide (17th) and Perth (22nd). Eventec will be bringing our wide range of products to all 5 cities and we hope to see you there!

Eventec Trade Show Calendar 2024

Visual Impact
July 17-19

August 21-23

October 8-22

Stay tuned for more updates on trade shows for 2024.

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