PR Lighting PR3000W Framing
PR Lighting PR3000W Framing
PR Lighting PR3000W Framing
PR Lighting PR3000W Framing
PR Lighting

XRLED 3000-W Framing

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The PR Lighting XRLED3000-W Framing features the latest advanced 1200W white LED light source. In addition to its complete range of spotlight effects and features, the fixture’s four sets of framing blades offer endless rotation, different size and shaped graphics, and a curtain effect in a module designed and patented by PR Lighting.

Thanks to the unique design of the LED engine cooling system, the noise level can be controlled at a very low level—and lower still when run in theatre mode (39dB), making it an excellent choice for both theatres and TV studios.

Key features:

  • Light Source: 1200W white LED (5,600K, 20000 hrs)
  • Input Voltages: 100V~240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 1550W@230V
  • Strobe: electronic strobe 0.3~25 F.P.S
  • Dimmer: 0-100% linearly adjustable
  • Prism: 4-facet prism and linear prism, bi-directionally rotatable at variable speed, indexable
  • CTO: 0-100% linearly adjustable
  • Effect: 1 replaceable animation wheel, bi-directionally rotatable at variable speed
  • Frost: 2 frost filter(heavy and light)
  • Iris: 5-100% linearly adjustable, with macro
  • Focus/Zoom: motorized linear focus/zoom
  • Light Angle: 6°~54° with autofocus
  • Head Movement: pan 540°, tilt 270° with auto position correction
  • Control: DMX512, 5 pins intereface, RDM, Art Net
  • Channel: short mode 33 channels, standard mode 39 channels and extended mode 54 channels
  • Other Functions: DMX512 wireless receiver, DMX512 wireless transmitter(optional)
  • Housing: composite plastic
  • IP20
  • Net Weight: 45kg


  • CMY linear color mixing with macros
  • 1 Color Wheel: 6 dichroic colors filters plus open
  • Half color effect, variable speed rainbow effect
  • Stepping/linear color changing is optional
  • Linear color temperature adjustment


  • 1 Fixed Gobo Wheel: 7 replaceable gobos plus open
  • 1 Rotating Gobo Wheel: 6 replaceable gobos plus open, glass or metal gobos can be fixed
  • Bi-directionally rotatable and wheel scrolling at variable speed, indexable shakable at variable speeds


  • Framing : 4 sets of framing blades, endless rotation, graphic at difference sizes and shapes, curtain effect

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