Nicolaudie STICKDE3 - Powerful RGB DMX Controller
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Nicolaudie STICKDE3 - Powerful RGB DMX Controller

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The star of the STICK family


Choose your zone and run up to 10 scenes simultaneously


Select from up to 50 static or dynamic scenes, use the arrows to change current scene


Make your lights brighter/darker and adjust the saturation


Speed up and slow down a dynamic scene such as colour changing effect

RGB/WHITE colour control

Easily scroll through over 16 million colours and/or control white

The lighting controller that everybody

The feature rich STICK-DE3 has been designed to provide a control solution for the most demanding of projects and yet easy enough for anyone to use. The controller integrates a graphical color display, allowing scene photos to be displayed. Easily view the selected zone, scene name and design without the need to navigate through complex menus.

The STICK-DE3 has 4 different modes. Scroll around the touch sensitive wheel to change the dimmer, color, speed or scene, or tap around the wheel for direct access to a value. The arrows can be used to step through values.

• New glass design
• Graphical color display
• Color/dimmer/speed palette
• Touch sensitive buttons
• Touch sensitive wheel
• Multi-zone microSD memory

• 500 scenes, 10 zones
• 1024 DMX channels
• USB & Ethernet connectivity
• RS232, ports, infra red
• Clock and calendar
• Network communication

• Catalog of designs
• OEM customization
• Windows/Mac software
• iPhone/iPad/Android

Technical specifications

Dimension 106x146x10 mm
Weight 250g
USB Connection Yes
Ethernet connection Yes
DMX Channels 1024
Micro SD card Yes
ESA 2 PC/Mac
ESA Pro 2 PC/Mac
Remote control apps Yes
Stand Alone
Number of scenes 500
Number of zones 10
Memory capacity SD card limit
Power voltage 5-6V DC
Power connector Screw terminal or RJ45
Live control Colour/dimmer/speed
Touch sensitive buttons 10 + wheel
Port triggers 8
Ethernet integration Yes
Internet control Coming soon
RS232 Yes
Clock/calendar triggers 100/astronomical

AC/DC Adaptor Ref. POWER4M
RJ45 to board block Ref. RJ2BLOCK

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