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The fanless, convection-cooled SolaFrame Studio prioritizes high quality features, beautiful spectral output and silent operation. The fixture’s 10,000 lumens and full curtain framing are a perfect fit for theatres, concert halls, opera houses, film/TV broadcast studios and houses of worship. With a feature set designed for exquisite projection control and gorgeous color rendering, SolaFrame Studio can quietly steal the scene.


      • Bright white 300 W High CRI engine producing 10,000 field lumens
      • Colour-matched convection-cooled engine for completely fanless operation
      • High quality 13-lens optic system with patented Lens Defogger
      • Extremely powerful 5.5 - 57° zoom
      • CMY / CTO-Linear colour mixing system
      • Seven position plus open replaceable Colour Wheel
      • Full-curtain framing system for total control of beam shaping
      • 16-blade iris for extremely tight beam effects
      • Light diffusion with additional, optional heavy diffusion
      • Seven position plus open Rotating Gobo Wheel
      • Linear Prism for controlled pattern replication across a stage

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