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Wharfedale Pro

Wharfedale Pro Reason-X218B Passive Subwoofer

Wharfedale Pro Reason-X218B Passive Subwoofer

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3-way passive PA with huge 18″ subwoofers

  • 12” and 15” full range 3-way models
  • All new Z38 PE HF Compression drivers
  • 8.0” mid range 
  • 3.0”  LF coils with φ190mm ferrite magnets
  • 2 models of 18” Sub-sub-woofers
  • NOMEX subwoofer spiders
  • Premium baltic birch construction
  • Dust proof foam behind front grilles


  • Dual 18″ passive subwoofer
  • All new LF drivers
  • 4.0″ voice coils
  • Aluminium basket design
  • 4 side handles
  • Max SPL @ 1 meter 148 dB
  • 2000 w AES (RMS) 
  • 4000 w Program
  • 8000 w Peak


The driver inside the Reason-X subwoofer has some very special features.
∮102.6 diameter voice coil.
(Thats OVER 4.0″ but we say 4.0″ because of number rounding)
Double-layer spider bonding.
Updated mute glue is used. This bonding can eliminate brittle cracking and reduces harmonic distortion.
112 g Membrane.
The Reason-X subwoofer driver has a heavier membrane which can withstand more power without breaking.
31 mm voice coil cavity.
A larger internal cavity for the coil windings allows Reason-X to have lower response by 5 Hz.
6.2 ohm impedance.
The impedance peak is higher in the Reason-X driver at 35 Hz. This results in superior low end strength.


The full range models (X12 and X15) feature an all-new Polyethylene flat diaphragm neodymium HF.  This highly engineered Z38 HF compression driver brings extreme HF clarity.

Enormous cooling fins disperse the heat generated and the unique 1.5 inch ring-shaped polyethylene flat diaphragm delivers a precious feeling of space and air to high frequencies.

Advanced HF compression driver technology which deliveries breathtaking results.


A handy feature is the rotatable waveguide which allows Reason-X full range models to be used in the vertical or horizontal plane.

100° x 70° 


70° x 100° – the Horizontal and Vertical dispersion can easily be changed.



With dedicated drivers for each of the main bandwidths, 3-way systems bring enhanced frequency definition to the listening experience.  

Each driver focused solely on its optimum frequency range.

A big picture!  

Enjoy the 3-way space and definition !



Model Name Reason-X218B
System Type Passive
Configuration Dual Subwoofer
Frequency Response (+/-3 dB) 30-1 KHz
Frequency Range (-10 dB) 25-800 HZ
Sensitivity 2.83 V / 1 Meter 109 dB
Calculated Maximum SPL @1 Meter 148 dB
System Rated Impedance 4 Ω
Low Frequency Transducer
Size 470 mm / 18”
Voice Coil Size 102 mm / 4”
LF Magnet Material ferrite
LF Frame Material Aluminium
Rated Impedance 2 x 8 Ω
LF Power re:AES2-2012 2 x 1000 W
System AES (RMS) Power (W) 2000 W
System Programme Power (W) 4000 W
System Peak Power (W) 8000 W
Crossover Frequency
Input Connector 2 x speakON compatible
Rigging No
Handles 4 on Sides
Cabinet Type square
Enclosure Material and finish 18 mm plywood
Colour Options Black paint
Grille Material & Finish Steel
Dimensions – Unpacked (mm / inches):
Height 560 mm / 22.0”
Width Front 1065 mm / 41.9”
Width Rear 1065 mm / 41.9”
Depth 756 mm / 29.8”
Dimensions – Packed (mm / inches):
Height 668 mm / 26.3”
Width Front 1138 mm / 44.8”
Width Rear 1138 mm / 44.8”
Depth 829 mm / 32.6”
Net Weight 73.8 kg / 162.4 lbs
Gross Weight 87.7 kg / 192.9 lbs
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