Now Stocked: Wharfedale Pro EZ Series - Battery Portable PA System

Now Stocked: Wharfedale Pro EZ Series - Battery Portable PA System

Did you know we stock the Wharfedale Pro EZ Series at Eventec?!

Available in 12 and 15 inch models, the EZ Series is an affordable battery powered portable PA System that is a great solution for quick and effective audio setups.

2 handheld wireless mics are included, meaning that the system can be up and running in seconds – without the need of any additional hardware.

Portability was the design priority so the EZ's have two durable wheels on the base and a practical pull up handle which slides away inside the cabinet body when not in use but pulls out quickly and easily when it's time to go!

The rear panel controls are user-friendly. These give easy access to input levels, internal echo processing, the 5-Band graphic EQ and a very handy dedicated control knob for the MP3 player volume. The MP3 section plays audio files from either USB drive or TF card and has a clear LED display. The simple controls allow inexperienced users to put on a professional show!

For ease of use during any performance, the EZ-12A and EZ-15A also come with a handy IR remote control – Start, stop and skip tracks on the MP3 player wirelessly.

We mentioned they are affordable and we meant it. The current RRP for these systems are $349 (EZ12A) and $389 (EZ15A) inc GST.

Contact to get your quote on the Wharfedale Pro EZ Series Portable Speaker!

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