NEW Wharfedale Pro WLA-1 Hybrid Curvature Array

The science behind the new Wharfedale Pro WLA-1 Hybrid Curvature Array is intense. With 12” and 15” full-range elements and a 21” subwoofer, the new WLA-1 system has been engineered by IAG’s International R&D team to be highly versatile – making it perfect for touring and fixed installations.

The drivers are designed and Engineered by Wharfedale Pro UK and manufactured in Europe by Beyma. The full-range WLA-112 and WLA-115 elements use a coaxial design in combination with the exclusive Wharfedale Pro EVO-Fold high frequency waveguide. This design provides consistent dispersion coverage on both the horizontal and vertical planes with the sound radiating from one, singular and coherent, source. Together with the dedicated FIR presets library a flatter phase front is created which delivers outstanding audio performance.

This highly engineered solution combats issues that traditional constant curvature two way systems suffer from due to physical spacing between the drive units.

Meanwhile, the WLA-121SUB uses a 21” Beyma driver with a 4.0” Quattro voice coil which results in the most extreme, but controllable flying subwoofer in the Wharfedale Pro line up.

The WLA-1 system can easily be configured in 3 different ways. As a sub-top pole mount, as a flown array with the optional Common Fly Frame, or as a Horizontal system with the optional WLA-1 Link hardware. Such versatility allows for users to deploy the system for multiple activities.

WLA-1 is a unique Hybrid Curvature Array. The science behind its development has been intense, but this extreme engineering results in an extra-ordinary system with massive lows, consistent coverage and phase coherence.

  • 12” and 15” coaxial drivers from Beyma
  • 21” Subwoofer with 4.0” Quattro voice coil
  • EVO-Fold waveguides
  • Integral side plate rigging
  • Premium Baltic birch construction
  • Versatile configurations
  • Comprehensive hardware accessories
  • FIR preset library for download


Pricing is available now through Eventec with demonstration models coming in the next couple months.

Click here for more information and specs

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