Solaframe 1000 front view facing right
Solaframe 1000 front view facing left
Solaframe 1000 front view
Solaframe 1000 front view
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SolaFrame 1000 is the new go-to workhorse automated framing fixture for lighting designers. With 20,000 lumen output, full framing shutters, rotating and fixed gobo wheels, multiple color systems, 12°-40° zoom, animation effects plus all the bells and whistles required by the modern LD, the SolaFrame 1000 is a star performer in all professional production environments.

Available in Ultra-Bright and High CRI versions, SolaFrame 1000 ships with a TM30 Filter that boosts the Ultra-Bright engine to 85+ CRI. Other features include Iris and Light Frost, Rotating Prism and High End Systems’ patented Lens Defogger System.


  • Arenas and stadiums
  • Concert halls and performing arts centers
  • Film and television broadcast studios
  • Megachurches and houses of worship
  • Nightclubs and special events


    • White LED Engine
    • 480 W Ultra-Bright engine producing 20,000 field lumens or a High CRI Engine featuring incredibly accurate color rendering
    • Full framing shutter system
    • CMY / CTO - Linear color mixing system
    • Six plus open position replaceable color wheel
    • Iris and Light Frost
    • Rotating Prism
    • Sharp edge focus throughout 12°–40° zoom range
    • Eight position plus open interchangeable Gobo Wheel
    • Seven position plus open Rotating Gobo Wheel
    • Continuously rotating variable Animation Wheel
    • TM-30 Filter boosts Ultra-Bright engine to 85+ CRI
    • Patented Lens Defogger

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