PR Lighting PR6000 Wash/Framing
PR Lighting PR6000 Wash/Framing
PR Lighting PR6000 Wash/Framing
PR Lighting

PR6000 Wash/Framing

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PR-6000 Wash/Framing is a powerful and bright illumination for its 2000W lamp(Optional:1500W,1400W), with wash output ranging from punchy tight 7.5° to smooth 80° and framing function, allows a light designer do more in one unit.

Key Features

  • Light Source:
    • PHILIPS MSR GoldTM 2000/1 FastFit, PGJX50 (5,800K), 750 hours, CRI:97
    • Or OSRAM HTI 1500W/60/P50, PGJX50 (5,800K), 750 hours, CRI:90
    • Or PHILIPS MSR Gold 1500 FastFit PGJX50 (6,000K), 750 hours, CRI:95
    • Or OSRAM lok-it 1400/PS (5,600K), 750 hours, CRI:90
  • Input Voltages: 200-240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption:
    • 2300W@220V(2000W lamp)
    • 1800W@220V(1500W lamp)
    • 1700W@220V(1400W lamp)
  • Strobe: double shutter blades, 0.3-25 F.P.S
  • Dimmer: linearly adjustable dimmer
  • Frost: 2 pcs frost filters, linear frost effect
  • Iris: 5~ 100% linearly adjustable iris with macro
  • Focus: motorised focus
  • Light Angle: 17°~66°
  • Colour
    • CMY+ CTO linear mixing system with macros
    • 2 Colour Wheels: each with 7 colours plus open, half colour effect
    • 0-100% linear color temperature correction
    • Rainbow effect with bi-directional and variable speeds
    • Stepping/linear colour changing
  • Framing
    • 1 framing module: 4 framing blades
    • Framing module endless rotation with many graphics of different sizes and shapes
    • 4 framing blades to make full curtain effect
  • Head Movement: pan 540° and tilt 270°, with auto position correction
  • Control: DMX512, 3 pins and 5 pins interface
  • Channels: short mode 26 channels, standard mode 30 channels, extended mode 44 channels
  • Other Functions: DMX512 wireless receiver, DMX512 wireless transmitter(optional)
  • Housing: high temperature resistant engineering plastics
  • IP20
  • Net Weight: 50kg

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